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Interviews > Tarja Turunen - Brazilian Website 2003
Tarja - Brazilian Website 2003

1) First… everyone is discussing this: Your new white dress. Has some special meaning?? People ask me if there’s some connection with “Ocean Soul” song…

The colour of my white performing clothes doesn't ´t have any special meaning. I just wanted to have a change. The guys of Nightwish were already asking "why don´t I try one day totally white clothes" and the timing was perfect now to do it. I think it is also easier for the audience to see me on the stage and in pictures. But....on next tour it will be once again something different for you to see. Unfortunately I can´t tell much about that yet.

2) Who is your favourite singer in Classical music and in Heavy Metal?? (not necessary to be a woman…)

From Classical , Ann Sofie von Otter and from Heavy Metal Liv Kristine.

3) About your classical career… do you think about recording some “solo” project? You and your friends will make some gigs again, like “Noche Escandinava”??

In the end of April we are going to come to Brazil, São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio for "Noche Escandinava II". I don´t think I will record a classical album, but I am planning to make a Christmas album for next year 2004.

4) What’s your favorite Opera? Would you like to interpret some especially?

There are many operas I like. For example Puccini´s Tosca could be one. I would love to perform Tosca´s role one day...or then take part of some Russian Operas.

5) You were already studying (voice), Nightwish came and had this great success. Before Nightwish, did you think about living with music? I mean, if Nightwish did not exists, would you had study other things?

Without Nightwish, I think I would be a classical singer and doing only classical music. I loved singing and wanted to be a singer already long before Nightwish came in my life. Somehow I would be linked with the music, even without Nightwish.

6) I know it’s hard to be a woman in this “Heavy Metal world”… there are people who don’t know what the word “respect” means. Do you remember some bad situation that happened with you just because you’re a woman?

I don´t like that people in general are thinking me as a "sex symbol", because from my opinion, I am far away from that! There are guys always trying to reach me, having mind that they want to see me closer...or even touch me. There was one guy in Mexico, who attacked me from behind during the show and pushed me to the floor. He was able to do very nasty things to me in 20 seconds time, until the tour promoter came and kicked his head. Even the local security were not able to do anything!

7) Nowadays you are the most famous woman in Heavy Metal… what is the best part from fame? And the worst? Did you have a lot of troubles with that in Finland and around the world?

For me it is very funny to think that I am the most famous lady in Metal, because I am still " a country girl". Nowadays I am living in a small city and I have been noticed here as a local star. Tonight I´ll have a Christmas concert and many people are coming to see the concert. Of course that part of the so called "fame", is wonderful, that I can do many things with singing. For example this Church Concert tonight means very much to me. There will appear Nightwish fans and also people outside of Metal. In general in Finland, I can´t go out without having in mind that people will recognise me. Sometimes it bothers, but that´s my life nowadays and I can live with it. I don´t like to be in rumour magazines and give stories who ever from my personal life, because I want to keep my family business only within the family. I think the media knows enough about me and my life already here in Finland and I want that fact to stay as it is. When I was living in Germany, I could go places without being so easily recognised. People there were not expecting to see me on the streets! That was just great.

8) The lyrics from Nightwish are very strong and beautifull… Have you already indentify yourself with some lyric in special?

The lyrics are sometimes very hard for me to sing, because Tuomas doesn't ´t want to tell me the deepest meaning he has wanted for the lines I should sing. I honestly understand his point of few. I need to concentrate a lot in to them and try to find my way to interpret them. I can not say that I am identifying myself in to them, no, I just know Tuomas so well in person, that I need to think about what/how he has wanted me to sing his text.

9) What you do to maintain your voice aways clear? (I mean, ‘cause you’re aways traveling, the climate in which country is different etc…)

The climate really is the most difficult thing in touring. I need to prepare myself for tours in many ways. Going to gym, having a good night sleep, not drinking alcohol on tours, not being in a smoky places, eating healthy food my voice every day, on tours too. It is very important to practise with some exercises on tours too, just to keep the singing condition going on all the time. When you are a singer, you need to keep that on your mind and body all the time. Like my teacher says, "don´t be lazy, you need to feel like you would be ready to sing when ever!" sometimes it is not that easy...unfortunately.

10) Tarja Turunen by Tarja Turunen… what would you say about you?

Well, I have very blessed life to be a singer and live in a place like this. I am very sensitive person, who gets stress quite easily, but who can enjoy of the small things in life too. Friends and family are very important to me and their value has increased in these last 6 years very much. The reason for that has been Nightwish. I haven´t been able to see my friends or family much and that has helped me to see how important people I have around me. I love to see beautiful places, I like to travel and experience different cultures. I usually talk too much... but somehow I have a talent to make people happy and that gives me very much.

11) Well, this a Brazilian website, so… what’s your best memory from Brazil??

Our last concerts in Brazil on our South American tour 2002 were amazing. We really had so many great experiences in your country. People are very friendly and it was good to see many towns there that time. Next time will be something that is worth to wait.

Let a message for Tarja Turunen - Brazilian Website.

I hope I will see you all next April, Brazilian fans!
Check more information from Noche Escandinava II when will be available.
Happy Xmas and a wonderful new year !

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