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Interviews > Cursed With Oblivion 2002
Cursed With Oblivion 2002

- First of all I wanna congratulate you because "Ever Dream" has sold platinum in Finland, Now that CC World Tour is over, what can you tell us about it?

- Thank you very much. I just heard it yesterday and that's great. Again, one more platinum-CD to put on the wall. =)
CC tour was a huge success. We expected it to be good because out first world tour after "Wishmaster" gave us reason to believe so but it still suprised us all. Almost all the shows were sold out and everything (schedules, technical stuff, etc.) worked as well as can. So I only can be thankful.

- What do you remember from the shows in Argentina (WM Tour and CC Tour)?

- First time we had two shows in a same place but in a different stages. Both were great and the audience was totally wild. When we were booking CC -tour we were told that situation in Argentina is not very good for band to come but we still wanted to do the show because of the good memories from the first time. And luckily we did because even though we were death-tired because of traveling and playing we played great show and audience once again proved that it's worth of coming to play in Argentina.

- Nightwish has changed a lot within the years, what are the differences between the old Nightwish and the current one?

- I guess it has been a natural development which has come along with the improved skills of individual instruments and understanding of what it takes to play in a band. Nowadays we don't play what we would like to play but what is good for the music and for the song. Of course Tuomas has learned to do better songs which naturally brings a little change in the music. =)

- How it was to record the album with Marco and tour all over the world with him?

- Everything has worked even better than I expected. I knew him to be very professional and because he has been in this business much longer than we I didn't expect any negative suprises to come. He simply fits in this group like a fist in the ass.

- What can you tell us about your career as musician and what have you done before join Nightwish?

- Before Nightwish I didn't actually do anything that would differ much from the other kids. I joined in Nightwish when I was in last grade of Highschool so before that I just studies, partyed and tried to learn how to play drums. After joining Nightwish there has happened so much. I've got my own drumkit. =) Got change to play to thousands of people around the world. Learned many things about music. And i just hope this will continue and maybe after 44 years or so we'll do our 50th anniversary tour and play in a same place in Argentina where we played in first tour.

- How did it come that you were asked to be Nightwish´s drummer?

- We lived in rather small city and eince I had played with Emppu for 3-4 years in a same band he told about me to Tuomas and Tuomas said ok.

- How it was that you got into metal music and drums?

- In Drums I got by accident because Iwas going this music-class and my teacher told me that I should start playing some instrument. he told me that there is going start a Percussion-teaching in music-school and he told me to try to get in. I did and rest is history. I've listened to Rock / Heavy / Metalmusic more or less forever but final blast came in 1996 (I guess...) when i saw Stratovarius in summer festival. That was great. =)

- Which are your influences as a drummer?

- In the early days the biggest influences were Jörg Michael (Stratovarius) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Nowadays I don't really have influence in the real meaning of that word. I just listen to many different kind of music and try to reflect that in my playing.

- Which was the best moment during this years that you have been playing with Nightwish?

- Impossible to mention one because there has been thousands of them.

- What is the most difficult and the most easy Nightwish song to play live?

- Most difficult would be "Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean," but luckily we won't play it live. =) Easiest might be "Walking In The Air"

- I have read that you will record the drums for Sethian´s debut album and Tuomas will do the same with keyboards, Will you tour or do something else with that band?

- Hopefully we will. But i guess we first have to release the album and get some attention.

- Have you wrote or composed anything for Nightwish´s songs?

- No.

- A new Nightwish DVD is coming, How did the idea of making another DVD came?

- We knew right after first dvd that we would like to do dvd that doesn't have real live concert in it but there would be longer deleted scenes part. Personally I find these backstage and touring fotages very interesting and also entertaining. Now we have this year break and it wuld be good idea to release something to keep our name in the headlines so here it comes.

- What will you do during this break?

- Sethian and hopefully something else as well.

10 October 2002

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