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Interviews > Cursed With Oblivion 2002
Cursed With Oblivion 2002

- "Century Child" sold gold in a matter of two hours. How do you feel about that? Did you expect that to happen?

- I was really surprised when I heard that, but as a matter of fact, the success of the album wasn´t a surprise to Nightwish, but the popularity of the band has been growing up in the last 5 years. By the way, the record label took the pressure and tension about the success to the extremes.

- Was the album recorded as you had expected?

- Yes, this time the work in the studio was the longest ever, we have recorded the instruments in our city, Kitee. So we had more time to do it. The the vocals were recorded at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, and master process too. The orchestra arrangements were recorded in Joensuu.

- What was the composition process like?

- I´m not part of the composition process, so it´s hard to me to talk about it. Anyway, I know how it was. Tuomas Holopainen is our main composer, many ideas came when the "Wishmaster" world tour finished, and he went on holidays. He´s always composing. When we are touring he carries a notepad where he writes his ideas.

- This album is heavier than any other. Do you think the cause is that Marco joined the band as a second composer or the songs simply turned out like that?

- Marco is not really the reason why the new album sounds heavier. Because he is not part of the composition process. But he co-wrote one song on the album. Tuomas said that he wanted to try new sounds for the new album, so the songs came like that naturally.

- How do you feel about sharing the vocals with Marco in some of the songs?

- I receive a lot of support from Marco about my work, and I can´t say in any way that Marco´s joining was negative for the band. He is a great musician, an incredible player as well as a singer.

- The band is going to take a break after this tour due to your studies of classical singing? Meanwhile, are you planning to record something as a classical singer?

- The band will take a break during year 2003. I have to continue my studies in Germany. I don't call myself a professional classical singer because I still have to study a lot. I think that I´m not ready to record a classical album yet. So maybe in many years I would let myself to do something like that.

- Nightwish has been a real success outside Finland. When did you actually start as a local band? At that time, did you imagine that something like this was going to happen?

- We started in 1997 as a project-band, the same year we recorded our first demo. I went to the studio and sang, and they were very happy with my work. At that time without a record deal wasn't a band, so in 1998 we signed it. Then everything went so fast, we recorded our second demo, which ended up as an LP, that fans know as "Angels Fall First". We never thought about this big success. It can be labeled as the Cinderella's Tale.

- What made you decide to become a classical singer?

- I started to sing when I was 17 years old. I always wanted that for myself, and to learn about singing "secrets".

- How do you feel about the fact of singing the lyrics Tuomas writes, knowing they are way too personal?

- I know Tuomas very well, and it has been like that the whole Nightwish´s career, he wanted me to be his "speaker", and obviously I´ve never had any problem to be that.

- Why did Sami leave the band?

- We had many music disagreements, and discussions started to appear. We tried to avoid them and talk to make things go better but Sami was who decided to leave the band. But he left it in a pacific way without problems.

- Did you have someone else in mind, before choosing Marco?

- No, Marco was the first and the only Tuomas´s option. We have been working very well with him, and we are very happy about that.

- Thanks Tarja for the interview.

- Thank you for the support you have given us and I hope to see you soon in Argentina.


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