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Nightmail - Emppu

Community - Nightmail
October 2007

Nefi Kuolema from Czech Republic: Do you believe in destiny, afterlife and things like that?

Emppu: Hmmmm. I believe in something but I don't know exactly what. It's some kind of a mix of different beliefs/opinions. Yours truly reverend Vuorinen.

Petra from Hungary: If you could wake up tomorrow as another person, who would you like to be?

Emppu: Native from an undiscovered island.

Madzialena from Poland (Mragowo): Firstly, You are the one of the greatest guitarists, in my opinion. It seems that you have achieved so much: you do what you love, you create and play music you feel inside of you. Therefore what is you dream about the most right now?

Emppu: Thank you. A house by a lake would be nice sometime in the future. This has been my dream for a long time but it's not possible to fulfill it in a near future because of touring. Hopefully in a couple of years I can work on it.

SuperSwede from Sweden: Do you have any bad habits?

Emppu: None. =)

Tony from Canada: Have you ever considered adding another guitar player to the band and why or why not?

Emppu: Are you looking for a job...? We haven't thought about it because with two guitar players there might be some clashes. Now I only have to fight myself.

Javito from Mexico: How many picks do you throw in each concert?

Emppu: As many as my guitar tech Antti gives me. 40-80?

firetears from Österreich: You like photography, right? What do you like to photograph the most?

Emppu: It's quite a new hobby for me which balances the life of rock'n'roll. The targets don't really matter but of course I'd rather shoot women than men.

darkjenny from österreich: What is your first thought when you wake up?

Emppu: What a headache...!! Not again??!

Martin from Norway: I've seen that you have your guitar picks between the strings on the head of the guitar. Why do you have them there?

Emppu: You can get a new one quickly when the one in your hand turns to dust.

Jess from St Albans, UK: I heard that service in the Finnish army is compulsory. Did you join it, and if so, did you enjoy it and what was your specific job?

Emppu: Year was 98, the pioneer battalion of Keuruu. I'd rather been at home. Greets to colonel Jari Mäenpää and thanks for the help in getting leave for some gigs. Beer is on me when they call me from the reserve.

Sophie from New Zealand: How would you describe yourself to an alien?

Emppu: Hi. Me Emppu. Have me met? Do you come here often?

Heli from -: Do you ever play a show TOTALLY sober?

Emppu: What the hell? Are you mad!???!

auto-mies: Hi! I've been wondering if you ever wanted to play something else instead of guitar?

Emppu: It has crossed my mind but after all guitar is the queen of the instruments. It would be nice to clink on a piano but it would take too much room from my manson.

David from Canada: Is it true that you changed your guitar for a Les Paul to fit more with Anette's heavy voice?

Emppu: The thing is that when we went to LA, I forgot my guitar at home so I had to run to the nearest local guitar store to buy an ESP Eclipse. So the answer is: No!

Amanda from USA: Tuomas said you weren't particularly fond of Moondance. How come?

Emppu: I don't like dancing and the moonlight gets me hairy all over and I get totally screwed up in the head.

Christin from Germany: I have seen your "Sushi Patrol" concert in Hamburg (You were sooo great!!! Go on like that!)

1. What did you think when you came on stage and saw a pretty empty venue? Wasn't that a strange feeling to play in front of so few people? Were you disappointed?
2. Who came up with the name "Sushi Patrol"?

Emppu: 1. We were expecting that. In a smaller gigs the atmosphere is more intimate, which is only a good thing, and there are less people witnessing your mistakes.
2. Ewo

Konsta from Helsinki: 1. How is the atmosphere within the band?
2. How did you feel before the first show? And how was it to play for a Finnish audience after such a long time?

Emppu: 1. All days are different. At the moment (Philadelphia, in the backstage) tired but the overall feeling is good. Smells like a teamspirit.
2. We were cool since we had a Swedish human shield. Everybody was focused on Anette, so for us it was peaceful. It was a great fun to play even though you could see some people checking us out with a hawk's eye but it got more relaxed as the show moved on.

Tinuviel from Germany: Which song of the new album is your favorite, and why?

Emppu: Amaranth because it's such an easy live piece. One can concentrate on other things... =)

Nick from USA: If you had to pick one Nightwish song to be in a Guitar Hero game, which one would it be?

Emppu: Whoever Brings The Night. It's a riff-orientated song so it would be ideal for the game.

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