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Interviews > Nightmail - Tuomas
Nightmail - Tuomas

The Fans - Nightmail
August 2007

Heidi (Hellsinki): If you were to take with you just one movie to a deserted island, what would it be?

Tuomas: "The Village".

Mariano (Italy): Did you ever wanted to go to WC for some reason in the middle of the concert?

Tuomas: Kinda weird, but this has only happened once, a couple of months ago while playing in On The Rocks, Helsinki, with Kotiteollisuus. Already after the second song I felt my bladder and head was about to explode.
The show then ended up becoming a jazz feast... for many reasons.

Anita (Bulgaria): Why did you choose a singer like Anette to replace Tarja? Don't you think that the vocalist of NW should be an opera singer? Don't you think that you're changing the idea of the band this way?

Tuomas: The idea of the band was originally to do just acoustic campfire music. So the idea was already changed 10 years ago.
Also, Nightwish quit with the operatic vocals already in the Century Child album, and ever since. People complain that the opera is now gone with Anette in the band, I think it has already been gone for the past 5 years.
A band should never be a prisoner of a format. This is a change all the members in the band wanted to do. You always need to follow your heart in what you want to do, otherwise you'll end up being a whore. Nightwish is not a music style, it's 5 people who do the kind of music they want, the way they want, with the tools they have.
Selfish, but honest.

Valentina (Milano, Italy): I read in some articles that you are a good cook. Is it true? What's your speciality?

Tuomas: Hahaa, don't belive everything you read.. I like barbequing, it's really relaxing flipping over the meat, the corn, the sausages etc. but it doesn't really require much cooking skills. I basically just enjoy staring at the fire.
People seem to enjoy my stuffed mushrooms, though. They always come with an overload of blue cheese and garlic.

vasia (greece): What is Amaranth to you?

Tuomas: It's something ultimately beautiful and perfect, and if life blesses you with one, you need to caress and love it unconditionally.

(): In the studio diary you wrote that you had to cut off a part of one of the lyrics, which song was and what did it say?

Tuomas: It was the spoken boy soprano's part in "The Pacific" -section of the song "The Poet And The Pendulum". It was too obscene for the kid to recite (according to the choirmaster, and I must agree...), so I modified it a bit and put it in for Marco to sing.

Dominic (UK): What is the one piece of music that you wished you could have written, but you did not?

Tuomas: Howard Blake's "Walking In The Air". For me it's still the most beautiful and soulful piece of music ever written.

Anna (): What is written in the letter that lies beside that little boy on the Wishmaster-cover?

Tuomas: The very same text the Owl is carrying in the "Oceanborn" - cover.

Lars (Germany): 1. Have you ever wished to no longer be famous?
2. What do you think about the current environmental situation?

Tuomas: 1. Every day, I don't like publicity. Still, there's a weird satisfaction involved when you see e.g. a warm-hearted review of the album with your picture attached to it. Or an innocent kid asking for your autograph on the street. Or someone buying you a beer in the bar.
It's a contradiction. Or is it, I don't know. Help.
2. I'm scared. I really am.

Linda (Valkeakoski): Have you ever hiked the "Trail of the Bear" in Oulanka National Park?

Tuomas: Yes, I have, 5-6 times so far. That's where I actually "found" hiking, which has become an important lifeline for me ever since. A great trail, but a bit too popular in the high season for my taste.

Katrin (Russia): Is there any song that can easily make you cry?

Tuomas: Oh, there are many. Many songs by e.g. Vangelis, Howard Blake, James Newton Howard and My Dying Bride.

BW (US): Tuomas, do you have any tattoos???

Tuomas: Not a single one

Lucy (Airdrie): You once said your idea of a female ideal was not a siren. What is your idea of a female ideal?

Tuomas: Oh, geez, this'll be a corny one... A hybrid of a Neighbor's Girl, Belle of "Beauty and the Beast" and Christina Ricci in "Sleepy Hollow".

Claudia (Herzogenbuchsee/Schweiz): 1. As a musician, you are always on the road.. What do you appreciate the most when you come back home?
2. What is "typical Finnish" about you?

Tuomas: 1. Peace 'n quiet, nature, rye bread, late wake ups, seeing my family and friends.
2. Introvertism, self irony, creative insanity.

Kalliel (Germany): Since you are a Disney fan, I suppose you've been to the original theme park in Los Angeles, right? Which one was your favorite attraction? I personally liked Pirates of The Caribbean a lot. Did you know they already added Jack Sparrow into this attraction?

Tuomas: Yes, I've been there a few times. Last time with Anette and Marco, in June, while shooting the new videos. We saw the renewed Pirates attraction, as well. My favourites include Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Ride and Swiss Family Treehouse.

camila (brazil): What have you been reading lately? ;)

Tuomas: Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself", Moomin books & manuals for household machinery.

Marian (Deutschland): Were there songs that you wrote that the rest of the band did not like?

Tuomas: They are always so polite not to shoot down any of my songs, even though there must be quite a few of them they don't like so much. Being the professionals they are, they always do their best regardless.
I remember Emppu wasn't really happy with "Moondance", Jukka didn't care that much for "For The Heart I Once Had", and Marco has to bite the lip while playing "Sacrament Of Wilderness".

Nefi Kuolema (Czech Republic): What do you hate in music/music business the most?

Tuomas: Calculating! And choosing the songs for a single release.

Karolina (Poland (Gdynia)): I heard that you have a nice husky. What name did you gave to him?

Tuomas: I once said I would like to have one sometimes in the future. No pets now.
I think he will be called Wolf :)

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