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Interviews > Nightmail - Jukka
Nightmail - Jukka

The Fans - Nightmail
July 2007

Christian Y (Sweden): Does any one of your tattoos mean anything special to you?

Jukka: All my tattoos have some meaning. If not any deeper meaning, at least to remind me of a certain period in my life. But the names of my kids which I've tattooed in my hands are the most important tattoos to me.

Joana (Portugal): When it comes to recording an album, do you prefer to record your share by yourself or do you like to have the guys around?

Jukka: I want Tuomas to be present every time we record something because he's the only one knowing how the song should finally sound and we can discuss about drum arrangements and if needed, change something. And of course I need Mikko and Tero there to take care of technical stuff and taking part on arrangement. And usually it doesn't bother me if there's also other people listening... except if I'm having a bad day and nothing works out..

Johanna (Kempele): Why weren't you at the Dark Passion Play pre-listening session in Helsinki?

Jukka: We just arrived from the videoshooting in Los Angeles a day or two before. Right after the Helsinki session, we would have to leave to London to a listening session, so I decided to stop by at home to check if they still remember my name there.

Anna (): Will you guys release a live-dvd from this tour?

Jukka: We haven't decided that yet and probably won't decide it in a near future. We have always said that we are not going to release a live-DVD after every album, but you never know so let's just wait and see what happens.

Günther (Germany): How do you feel about the fact that several songs of the new album have already "leaked" to the internet?

Jukka: Yes, it did suck, when I heard about that for the first time! It is unbelievable that some people have no respect at all to other people's property or working over a year long period! But we are living this Internet Era now and it seems you can't decide anything yourself and do things as you want to, so there's no use to whine.

Fede (Rosario(Argentina)): How many hours do you practice every day?

Jukka: Way too little. I'm always looking forward getting to practise but somehow I always have so many other things to do that at some point at the evening I realize that kids are already sleeping and it's probably not a good idea to be playing drums anymore. So answer; If I get to practise half an hour 3 times a week that's luxury.

Is (Norway): Don't you feel a bit unmasculine when you use make-up? ;)

Jukka: My masculinity or the lack of it has never come from make-up or other superficial things. There is much more important things in my life, than keep on thinking of how masculine other people think I am. I have managed to get heirs and have been (at least so far) the party that has not had weird fancies, suffered from changes in mood and finally lost five kilograms in a moment...

Maja,Marija & Andrea (Backa Palanka,Serbia): Was there any moment in your life when you wish to be somebody else? And if there was, why?

Jukka: I have never wanted to be any another specific person. But of course I have had some weak moments, when I have for example flopped really bad and had bad feelings about that, then it feels it would be awesome to be any other person than me.

ana (3): how are you?

Jukka: Thanks for asking, I'm feeling pretty fine at the moment. I'm sitting in front of my computer answering the questions. Kids are circling around me quarrelling and asking something all the time and it makes answering a bit more challenging. I'm a little bit tired, too, so I'll put the kids to sleep soon and probably watch some movie myself then, maybe have a beer or two and go to sleep.

Jorn van Schaïk (Netherlands): If you could jam with another band on stage for one gig, who would you pick and why?

Jukka: Playing with Linkin Park could be a lot of fun. I like their music a lot and probably it would be great fun to play couple of their songs live.

Nicolas (Paris, France): Which one of the new songs from "Dark Passion Play" are you the most impatient to play live ?

Jukka: Definitely "The Poet And The Pendulum"! The song enthralls both the listener and the player, so it will be awesome!

Gabi (Romania): What do you apreciate the most on your new vocalist?

Jukka: Friendliness, realism and thinking of other people, too.

Nefi Kuolema (Czech Republic): Do u like cooking? And as a husband, do u have to cook sometimes or not? =)

Jukka: Actually I love cooking. As I'm a lakto-ovo-vegetarian, it's always a little challenge to cook some good food which also goes to my kids. But I have some specialties which always go well. And it's always a great challence to cook food for people who visit us since most of my friends do eat meat and whenever I'm telling them that they will get vegetarian food they are saying they'll bring their own food. But at least so far most of the people have like my "sets". Or maybe they've just been polite...

Lutz (Pinneberg (Deutschland)): How often do your drumheads break? Are you worried that this could happen during a concert?

Jukka: My drumheads don't break that often because when on tour or in the studio, we change them regularly to avoid them from breaking during the show. Sometimes when I'm practising at home they do break because I'm too lazy to change them as often.

Nefi Kuolema (Czech Republic): In your opinion, do u think that u understand Tuomas' lyrics?

Jukka: I always read Tuomas' lyrics really carefully and try to figure out what they are telling. I always understand lyrics in my way which doesn't necessarily match with Tuomas' original idea or story. But anyway, for me lyrics are a very important part of songs, especially in Nightwish songs.

kirsi salmentie (Kerava): I'm planning to have my dog to get puppies in the end of this year, my question is related to that..The litter is always named after something and I would like to name it after Nightwish and give the puppies names according to Nightwish songs, like Nemo, etc. Is this okay with you? You would then have a litter named after you :)

Jukka: This would be a great honour. So just go on thinking about proper names.

Ariel (Arizona, USA): Jukka, I'm wondering if you and the rest of the guys have any problems communicating with Anette? You speak English, of course, but you speak in Finnish most of the time, as far as I can tell. Since Anette is Swedish, is it hard communicating with her? She speaks English as well, but I can imagine it being difficult to get certain ideas across to eachother since English isn't your guys' native language.

Jukka: At least so far we haven't had any communication problems. If you are willing to make it, it always tends to work out. Anette speaks excellent English, so since we are not discussing about nuclear physics or something like that, we'll manage just fine. And furthermore, we are learning more and more Swedish all the time, whether we want it or not... :)

Linda (The Netherlands): Why did you choose to be a vegetarian?

Jukka: I read a book called "Oikeutta eläimille" (Justice for animals) and realized I don't need to kill to feed myself. I've been vegetarian for five years now and I'm still pretty much alive.

monica (poland): 1. What do you think about destiny?
2. What is on the first place in your life?

Jukka: 1. For me the destiny is nothing predetermined. It is something that happens because of your and other people's choices. So our destiny is a result of all choices.
2. Of course it is always the family, but luckily things are not totally black and white. You can balance with priorities according to situations.

Antti (Kerava): Do you travel a lot outside Finland? Or don't feel like traveling after touring around the world with Nightwish?

Jukka: I love to travel also on my spare time. When you're touring the only things you see are basically airports, hotels and venues (and of course some bars). So when you get to travel on your spare time you might have a chance to see something else.

Reece (NSW, Australia): 1) Did you find an answer to the question: "Is our house inside or outside?" And if so, what was the answer? 'Cause I was pretty stumped racking my brain for an answer to that, hehehe.
2) When recording songs that have many parts (with and without drums, e.g. "Ghost Love Score") to them in the studio, do you break up the drumming into several different recordings? 'Cause I understand that when recording, your drums are the first sounds recorded.

Jukka: 1) Actually I got an excellent answer to the question from a Libanese girl. The answer (that pleases me at least) is: "The house is outside, home is inside".
2) We usually record the songs with many parts in pieces. This is also because of the fact that, for example in "Ghost Love Score", the atmosphere changes fast between the different parts. It is easier to find the right mood in the studio when you can concentrate on the upcoming part and and start the recording in the beginning of that specific part. In addition to this, sometimes also tempo changes between the parts and it makes us to record the parts separately.

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