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Interviews > Nightmail - Tuomas
Nightmail - Tuomas

The Fans - Nightmail
November 2006

HeHo (Brazil): You told once that you don't believe in destiny... What do you think about death? And after it?

Tuomas: I believe in something after death, but I don't have a specific faith to what it would be. I do have a kind of fear of dying, though. I mean, the world is a wonderful place at its best, full of experiences, possibilities and adventures. There's so much I want to do and experience in life it even makes me sad sometimes, because the Reaper is lurking everywhere. I'm afraid, that while on deathbed I would regret something that I didn't do, feel or accomplish.

nasia (neverland): What was your unfullfilled childhood dream?

Tuomas: The only person I have ever sent a fanletter is Richard Dead Anderson. It was back in '87 and I asked for an autograph. Never received any reply, I was crushed.

anca (romania): Who is the most important person in your life? and why?

Tuomas: Mom and dad. Because of unconditional love, understanding and existence.

kaarne (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa): What does your Lakota name, Sunkmanitutanka Nagi mean to you? Do you consider it as part of your soul or just as an ”extra name”?

Tuomas: In the beginning I didn't feel like I was worthy the name, since I hadn't known Mr. John Two-Hawks or the Indian culture that well. But that name is a huge, huge honor for me. It's something that gives me a kind of identity, it's truly what feel like I am deep inside. Such things are rare for me. It's a name that I'm trying to live up to.

emanuelle (deep in the ocean (slovenia)): it comforting for you to think of death?
2.have you already seen aurora (northern lights) and if you did, did it had some effect on you or had it inspired you to write any of your poems?
3.etiainen - the meaning of the word is impressive..did you write it for that reason?

Tuomas: 1. No, it's not.
2. I have, very beautiful. They always remind me of Philip Pullman's book "His Dark Materials; Northern Lights".
3. Yes, I did.

Kitri (Russia): You are known to detest classical opera. What about classical ballet? (such as "Swan Lake", "Giselle", "Sleeping Beauty" - no irritating vocals, only dance and pure romance)

Tuomas: Never tried it, just might give it a chance some day. But how romantic can it be with a guy in tights bouncing on a stage with a huge bulging in his groin?!

Susisielu (Tampere): 1. Do you have some kind of bond with wolves? Why is a wolf your favorite animal?
2. How do feel about new songs?

Tuomas: 1. Because I'm a lycanthrope myself. At least on emotional level.
2. Good. In the songs insanity meets piety, megalomania meets humility, indescribable anguish meets never-before-felt lust for life, Walt Whitman meets Stephen King, Finnish woods meet the shores of Scotland and "Angels Fall First" meets "Once".

Anna (Tampere): You told you're an escapist. Have you seen Bollywood-movies? Those are the ultimate escapism.

Tuomas: Never have... Thanks for the recommendation.

serena (france): 1. What does the word "gothic" mean to you?
2. Are you interested in another style of music than "dark music" (folk, reggae, punk, classical...)?
3. What does your religion do for you? What does it mean to you?
4. Do you see life as a positive thing?
5. Do you think this year went fast or slow since Tarja left Nightwish?
6. What bothers you the most in life?
7. Do you know the writer Bernard Werber? Do you like his books?

Tuomas: 1. Way of life. Not my own, though.
2. Reggae and punk are not really my cup of tea, but folk- and classical music are full of "dark songs". But I'm also into "more cheerful" stuff, like some classical music, folk songs and traditional rock among many others. It's all about the mood you're on.
3. Something very personal.
4. Most of the time I do. But I have my bad moments... Overall I feel very happy, and lucky about my life.
5. Fast.
6. Wickedness of human mind.
7. Haven't heard of him.

Joni (Suomi): What brand was your first keyboard? Korg perhaps? Can you give couple of hints for playing keyboards?

Tuomas: My very first keyboard was actually KORG N364, which I'm still using in live shows.
My first piano teacher always reminded me: "When you sit by the piano, never just PRACTICE, always remember to PLAY as well!" At that time I had no clue what she meant but now I do.
The best advice I was ever given.

Luciano (Argentina): Will there be any guest musician in your next CD?

Tuomas: I started laughing after reading this question. Yes. Plenty.

Martin (Norway): Do you play another instrument other than keyboard/piano/organ and so on..?

Tuomas: I used to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone. Haven't touched either one in ten years. A little bit guitar, to be able to do the chords and basic riffs for a demo.

Nocturna (UK): If you could have any 5 people - living or dead - to dinner, who would you pick and why?

Tuomas: Jesus Christ, Walt Disney, Henry Thoreau, Vangelis, My great grandfather.
Because I want to know if these people really are as I've always imagined them to be.

Nemo (Nautilus): Many times you have said you expect fans respect your private life, but many times you have exposed yourself so much, you talk a lot about your feelings and emotions. Don't you think it is a contradiction?

Tuomas: I expose myself as much as I personally want to. That's the whole point. For example the Finnish "Maan Mainiot" -documentary was a good opportunity to show people the real me, something down-to-the-bone truthful for a change. Because many magazines, deliberately or by accident, tend to write stuff that's not true. And me too, I talk crap in public a lot by accident. So this was sort of self-defence. I see no contradiction here whatsover.
What I mean by "respecting my privacy" is that I do not like seeing UNINVITED guests on the backyard of my house, people spreading false rumors, or taking pictures of me and my companion from behind.

Markus (Oberau): Since the orchestra can't tour with you, I would like to know how much of it is played back from tape and how much of it you play on your keyboards.

Tuomas: Practically all the orchestras and choirs are played from the tape, it's impossible to play them live with just one human and keyboards. But I also play all my parts live, on top of the orchestras, as is done on the album recordings. This hybrid sound is an effect ripped off from Hans Zimmer, haha!

Andrea (Slovakia): Can you write 5 words that tell about yourself and your character...? I wish you all the best, you are all super, your songs, lyrics perfect... hope I'll see and hear you at concerts again :))

Tuomas: Life's difficulties avoiding selfish escapist.
Thanks for the beautiful words.

HeHo (Brazil): Who had the idea to Nightmail and Nightwish FanBlog? Are you liking it?

Tuomas: Don't really know. Jukka, I presume. It's nice.

bunburina (Mexico): Suppose you could travel in time and meet yourself at the age of 10. Taking in count all that you know, all you've seen so far, what would you advice to that little kid?

Tuomas: In 9 years, you will be doing your own songs. When this happens, leave the male singing parts for someone else.

Charon (): How do you put your soul into music someone else wrote, but which you are still playing, e.g. Kotiteollisuus? Is it easier or harder to perform? Thanks for the Kotiteollisuus show 16.11. Especially for the intro of "Satu Peikoista", which you played with keyboard. It almost made me cry...

Tuomas: It's not easier or harder. The only reason I'm involved in these projects is that I love the music and the people in the bands. "Satu Peikoista" is such a great song it makes me tearful now and then, too.

Sini (Nokia): Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Tuomas: Working with album # 10 for Nightwish, taking my husky for a walk and planting seeds for my herb garden.

Ruud (Holten, the Netherlands): Did you ever think of seeing Sami again, because you said on the End of Innocence DVD that you two had been good friends and you never saw each other again, or do you think things are best as they are?

Tuomas: We've met with Sami many times and we're good friends these days.

Kate (France): What do you find so fascinating about sirens? Is the siren a kind of feminine ideal for you?

Tuomas: What those sirens did to those poor sailors isn't my idea of an ideal feminine... They are fascinating creatures with a great symbolic value.

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