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Interviews > Nightmail - Emppu
Nightmail - Emppu

The Fans - Nightmail
October 2006

Ines (Belgium): Which nightwish videoclip was the most fun to do? And why?

Emppu: heh... maybe the new version of Sleeping sun.. when we got to decapitate the other guys!!!

Joao (Funchal, Madeira Island): what do you think when composing a solo?

Emppu: Basically nothing.. Sometimes those things just come up in a second, but sometimes I'm sitting in the studio for several days until I'm satisfied with the result.

Medusa (Germany): Do you want to have children one day?

Emppu: Yes.. but not yet.. But actually I don't even no where to get them..?

Alina (Tampere): How old were you when you bought your first guitar? What was it?

Emppu: I bought my first guitar with money earned from a summer job when I was 14... I don't remember the brand but I spent all my money. My mother was a bit angry!

morain (): Which are the three things you value most in your life? All the best to you all, you're a great guitarist!

Emppu: Family/Friends, health, free-time, unselfish people.... hmmmm... .beautiful women(bonus) :)

Martin (Norway): Do you practise on your guitar every day?

Emppu: I don't necessarily practise every day.. But at least I try to play guitar every day.. But if I don't feel like playing then I won't.. Playing should be fun, right...?

Martin (Norway): Do you sometimes tune your guitar in D-A-D-G-B-e or is it always tuned in E-A-D-G-B-e. Because when I am finding Nightwish-tabs, I often willl have to tune my guitar in D-A-D-G-B-e.
For instance: Creek Mary's Blood, Bless the Child, Wish I Had an Angel just to mention a few.

Emppu: ONCE is recorded completely in D-G-C-F-A-D... Did I write it right...:) So one whole step down.

Dennis Vanaudenaerde (Belgium): Do you ever play video games? If so wich ones?

Emppu: On our last tour I bought DOOM3.. Aaaargghh!!! I got totally hooked! That's why I haven't dared buy any video games at home. I'd become a game-feak!!!

Martin (Norway): Can you play any other instrument than bass and guitar? Drums or keyboards or.. anything...?

Emppu: I do have a keyboard at home and I've recorded something with it but nobody will EVER hear that. So if you ask me the answer is yes, but the others might not agree! :) And sometimes I've played some drums as well.

Maria (Bulgaria): Will you be playing old stuff on your concerts with tha new vocalist? And will you come to Bulgaria?

Emppu: Yes we will.. Otherwise our shows might be a bit short. Hopefully we'll get to Bulgaria as well.. I've been there on a vacation.

Shannon (USA): Who would you like to invite on tour with you? Would you prefer to pair NW with similar bands like Epica or the Gathering or with very different bands?

Emppu: For the audience it might be a good thing to have a some band of a same genre.. But if I could choose I'd take Jaakko Teppo!!

Dmitry (Kursk, Russia): Are you going to use acoustic guitar in your new material? Have you ever played this instrument live? Would you like to?

Emppu: Yes.. I guess there will be some parts with acoustic guitar.. I've played it live and the plan is to take it with me on our next tour... but, a electric guitar is more fun to play.

Swansea (France): Emppu, you say your favourite drink's beer. How do you like it? Blond? Brunnette? Deep Dark? Belgian? Finnish? Irish?

Emppu: Finnish and blond! Also fits for my taste for women.

Martin (Norway): Which of your solos are you most pleased with?

Emppu: Well I personally like Ever Dream's solo... and a solo in Brother Firetribe's Valerie.

Sina (Deutschland): Why do you list your father as your idol in your profile? Did he achieve something great in his life, or is it his attitude?

Emppu: I guess it's more because of an attitude. It was great to get to know my parents again as an adult. I understood many things which as a youngster seemed stupid or for vain.

axel (belgium): Emppu have you ever wanted to break your guitar during a concert ?

Emppu: Maybe some years ago when some things didn't go as I'd have wanted them to go... Amplifier didn't work or something.. Nowadays I don't need to stress-out that much if something doesn't work... I can take difficulties a bit better than before. If something doesn't work, then it just doesn't work. It's not my fault.. But who knows, maybe one day I'll totally freak out and also break drums, keyboards, bass guitars and even the vocal cords of our new singer... That would be pretty cool!! :)

Verda (Istanbul,Turkey): 1-What do you think of other Finnish rock bands like The Rasmus,HIM,Sentenced and so on?
2-What sort of music do you listen to when you want to relax?

Emppu: 1-Well, there are so many great bands coming from Finland. Wasn't that a bit useless guestion.. hehhee.
2-At home I basically don't listen to any music.. Sometimes when I do I prefer something really easy (pop/rock/blues/country). Kind of easy listening stuff.

Martin (Norway): Emppu. I strongly wish to ask you which Nightwish-song you find most difficult to play.. And why?

Emppu: At this moment there really isn't any really difficult song to play because we've played them so much... Maybe if we'd play some old song which we haven't played for 10 years I'd have some difficulties... And of course the songs from the forthcoming album because we haven't played them that much yet and don't have a "routine" to play them.

Emppu (Norway): May I ask, what is the price of you guitars? Are they very expensive?

Emppu: Well... hmmm.. I didn't pay anything for them. :)

Emppu (Norway): Emppu, how thick are the guitar-picks that you use??

Emppu: 0.83

Thierry (France): Have you composed some of the musics of the next album ? Why don't you sing in a few songs?

Emppu: I think there is some part of mine. Why I don't sing? That's easy, I can't!

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