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Interviews > Nightmail - Marco
Nightmail - Marco

The Fans - Nightmail
July 2006

(): From whom have you inherited your voice? It's awesome! :)

Marco: Mom and dad are musical as well. Dad especially plays and sings a lot. Might be I got something from there.

Ximena (Junin, Argentina): How do you feel in Tarot and how do you feel in Nightwish? Do you feel the same way?

Marco: Both of these bands have their unique features, and they can't be felt as a same kind of situations. I will not go into any details about these differences. The positions I hold in these bands bring their own privileges/stresses.

Marija (Croatia): What is like to be the oldest person in the band?

Marco: Age is an attitude. Attitude is good.

Thomas Lindroth (Sweden, Ronneby): What is Nightwish opinion of illegal downloading/net piracy?

Marco: This is my opinion. The one song you're downloading today is worth as much as the bread I was going to buy for my kids tomorrow. Did you ask my permission? It's my work.

Aki (Yanaccala): How much material on the next NW album will be written by you? Or is Tarot taking out all the juices?

Marco: One whole song, some riffing and arranging. There's stuff just for Tarot as well.

bunburina (Mexico): Marco, suppose someone is making a movie about your life:
1) which actor would you like to play you?
2) what about your leading lady?
3) who would direct this film?
4) who would you like to do the score?

Marco: 1) Hardly anybody would want to play me.
2) Hollywood starlets would probably have a fistfight over this chance.
3) Zombiemovie! Romero of course.
4) This kind of opportunity should finally go to Tuomas, don't you think?

(Siilinjärvi): How do you open your voice before the concert? In A Day Before Tomorrow document you shout something just before the show.

Marco: I do a few technical exersises and shout all kinds of chaotic stuff.

Ben (England): How long did it take to grow your magnificent beards?

Marco: I started it in summer 2000.

Thordis (Europe): If you were to describe yourself with 3 words, which words would you use?

Marco: Work-a-phobic (if there is a such a word) escapist. It was 3 words in Finnish.

Freia73 (Jyväskylä): You've had your share of ups and lows. What is your advice for people in life?!

Marco: To exist in this universe is the greatest possible priviledge. Never give up!

Heidi (Pornainen): If you must teach one single thing for your kids what would it be? have a nice summer! :)

Marco: Life is not serious. Have a nice one too.

Susanne (Scandinavia): How areyour little adorable boys doing? Have they also developed an interest in music?

Marco: Boys are doing fine. They dig a lot of different stuff. Daddy's bands are among the favourites somehow. They are really interested about playing and singing. Miro especially can hold a tune really well.

elli (NW-Forum ;)): I would like to know why you play bass with plectrum and not with your fingers. Do you think it is easier to play with plectrum?

Marco: I started to play guitar with a plectrum in the early days. When I moved to bass in a band, the plectrum came and stayed in that too. I'm no puritan. You can do really good stuff both with a plectrum or with fingers.

dark lady (Bulgaria): What do you think about Marcelo's explanations on Tarja's official page?

Marco: Seemed like the spiritual output of an intelligent young fellow with a great soul.

(Suomi): Has anyone ever pulled your beard?

Marco: Yep!

Enkeli (Poland): 1.What do you think about Lordi and their song for Eurovision?
2.What is your the biggest musical dream?

Marco: The right guy won. Within the genre of rock and heavy metal the song was ok, but not exceptional to my opinion. 3 cent technobeats and silicone princesses with short skirts were taken down by Lordi 1000 to 0.
Greatest musical dream for me is that someone would still listen to the albums and songs that I've written and played after 30 years.

Holger Strauss (Deutschland (Germany)): What was the most embarrassing incident during one of your concerts?

Marco: Losing voice during a show is definetely embarrassing for a vocalist. That used to happen a couple of times when I was younger.

Laura (Konnevesi): If you'd die today what would be said on your tombstone?

Marco: Keep that dog away!

Siren (Savonlinna): In case you wouldn't be a great artist what is a profession you could think of doing?

Marco: Small artist?

Franca de Vrind (The Netherlands): What is the one thing you really want to do before you die?

Marco: I have gotten all kinds of great things from life already. If I could get to space, that would top everything. I don't expect it to happen though.

Lia (aka LadyLothiriel) (Leipzig(Germany)): When is your duet with Liv Kristine going to be released, and on which album will it be?

Marco: It's on the album "Lucidity" from a band/project called Delain. The release should be in autumn 2006.

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