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Interviews > Nightmail - Emppu
Nightmail - Emppu

The Fans - Nightmail
May 2006

niels (belgium): On your concerts you throw a lot of plectrums in the audience (i caught one too on your concert @ pukkelpop 2005) do you ever run out of them?

Emppu: Heh... Yep, sometimes when feeling is great I really do "lose" quite a many of them. And actually quite a many times I've run out of them but luckily, the guitartech always brings more...

Rajner (Neu Wulmstorf (Germany)): Could you imagine Nightwish to work with two guitarists in the future?

Emppu: NO! Nobody else can play as much out of tune as I. :)

Saana (Kalvola): I have to ask, how many plectrums you use in a one show..? What plectrums do you use?

Emppu: Let me think, hmmm... I haven't kept any exact book of them but on last world tour it was something like 4000pcs total. Plectrums are nice Nightwish plectrums.

Susanne (Norway): What was the first song you ever learned on your guitar?

Emppu: I don´t remember, but one of the first songs was "Roadrunner" by Hurriganes.

Thordis (Norway): Do you find it flattering or annoying when a fan comes giving you a hug? =)

Emppu: I love to hug female fans =)

ana (bs as argentina): Do you have a new singer in mind?

Emppu: No we don't.

Camille Marlow (Australia): Why did you switch to ESP guitars after using Washburn for so long? Was it only because of the endorsement?

Emppu: Well, partly it was the endorsement. From ESP I also get just those guitars that I wanted.

Jonas Carvalho de Santana (Brazil): I have two questions...
1 - How it's the relation between you and Tarja NOW?
2 - What's your expectations about your participation in Eduardo Falaschi solo album?

Emppu: 1 - I haven't heard anything from Tarja since the last show on 21.10.2005.
2 - Well first I'm expecting to get my own copy of the album. :) Album is mixed and mastered and I guess it will be in shops soon. It was a very interesting project. Edu came to Finland to hang around and to have a good time while I was recording the guitars. The Brasilian fellow was a bit amazed when he got here. It was -25 degrees (celcius) here and +37 degrees in brasil. But he survived. Edu asked me to join on tour as well but it seems that I'll be running out of time since we're starting to rehearse and arrange the new NW album in June. So probably I can't join him on tour. Basically I have no special expectations from the album. It was great to get to work with great people/musicians.

Paula (Jns): The things you do in your dvd's are great! ;D They really make me laugh. How do you come up with all these jokes?

Emppu: Those chats are usually born from alcohol and tiredness. They hide somewhere deep inside my brains and every now and then they pop up.

Eudes Barletta (Brazil): Hello Emppu!=) There's something I'd want to know... Tuomas said that the new singer doesn't need to be classical-formed like Tarja... Do you think this will change the band style?

Emppu: Our songs can be sung without classical training. I personally think that much more important thing is the way singer performs the song and how she uses her voice. So a singer can be great without classical training. Like MARCO!!!! :)

Lara (Portugal): Besides rock and metal, do you like other genres in music??

Emppu: Every genre has good and bad stuff. If stuff is good, I like it not matter what genre it is =). As a matter of fact I don´t listen metal so much at home.

Tristan (Nigeria): Hey Emppu, I knew you were part of a band called Altaria a long time ago. Why did you leave?

Emppu: In the beginning I went to Altaria -gigs to help Jani (from Sonata) and I finally ended up to play couple of guitar tracks to their album. I had to leave Altaria because I didn't have time anymore for that.

Anyssa "Viera" T.G. (Trinidad.): Hey Emppu! Ok, here goes the Q/A.
1 - Firstly, what is some good advice for anyone now learning guitars?(since you are a great player IMO)
2 - Also, what is your favourite country to play gigs in?
3 - What are some of your interests other than Nw and music generally?

Emppu: 1. Plenty of practising. And with plenty of different music styles. I guess my answer was quite obvious? =)
2 - I guess I'll go with South-America in general. People dare to go grazy in shows there... if I may say so. Or the other option is Japan. Somehow I'm just fascinated with that culture.
3 - All kind of music-projects. The style of music doesn't count that much as long as I can just take it easy and have fun with nice fellows. i also watch plenty of movies and read. And lately I've also tried to go jogging a bit.

Eric (United States): When did you first meet Tuomas, and what was your first impression of him?

Emppu: I wish I could remember... When I was a very young lad.

Marde (Joensuu): Could you list all the TV-tunes made by you? At least in couple sport-programs I recognize your music.

Emppu: Actually I don´t even remember all TV-tunes I´ve made. My friend, Tomppa Nikulainen, works in production company who make all kind of TV -material. Sometimes (usually day before deadline) he call me that "now we need something, it must be ready tomorrow". Then I just make some tunes and I don´t always know where they are used.

Ida Leppänen (Hauho): Have you ever smashed your quitar on stage?

Emppu: Not on purpose. On tour with 130 concerts that can be fairly expensive.

Parker (Sequim, Washington): Dear

Emppu: First off, you're a great guitarist with skills many people would die to have. Whats it like playing show after show? It must get very tiring at times and I imagine things can get irratating. But you all seem to go through every single night flawlessly. Now, the big question is, your guys sound will be extrememly awkward without Tarja, and it will take some time getting used to no doubt about it. How have things change now, is your sound going to be completly different, how are things with you and the rest of the guys now that Tarja is now not in the band? Keep up the great work and stay metal!

Emppu: The athmosphere among the guys is great. Soon we'll start to practise new songs and I'm quite sure that all of us have really been waiting for that the whole winter. And the sound is probably not going to change that much. After all the production work will be done before the vocals like it's always done. The vocal sound itself is naturally going to change but the sound in general not that much. Time will show.

Stephanie (Netherlands, Haarlem): What do you miss the most on tour? And is there something special that you always want to have with you on tour? (a cd, book, person, etc)

Emppu: On tour there's always so many things scheduled every day... and it's always great to get on a hotelroom and be just by yourself. So once in a while I really miss privacy. And I guess all the other do as well. And a first thing that comes in my mind from objects that I always want to have with me on tour is guitar. =)

Boris Varbanov (Bulgaria): When did you start BROTHER FIRETRIBE and why did you decide to play in another band?

Emppu: Project started 2001 and it was some kind of hobby/funny/beer -thing with friends. After five years we managed to record an album. Band is great therapy.

Peko (Liminka): You wrote that your biggest nightmare on stage is running out of beer: so do you always play a bit soused?

Emppu: During gig I drink only one or two beers and if there aren't any, then feeling is not good at all. But I think that I can manage the gig also without beer...maybe...

Leevi (Joensuu): Emppu, have you ever had an accident or something which has scared you that your finger are smashed and you can't play anymore? That's my biggest nightmare... :/

Emppu: That is a big nightmare also for me. Luckily I´ve never been even near of that kind of accident and I hope it stays that way.

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