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Interviews > Nightmail - Jukka
Nightmail - Jukka

The Fans - Nightmail
April 2006

Mari Harinen (Joensuu): Nightwish has probably received hundreds or thousands of demos from vocalists. Who can listen ALL demos? Is there a hired person to throw worst demos away and send only the somewhat good ones to bandmembers?

Jukka: There has been even more candidates than we thought there would. But each demo has been, and will be checked out by at least one of the band members. And all the potential demos have been, and will be listened by all the band members. There already has been some really good choices for the new singer but we take our time before making the final decision, since there are more demos coming each day and we're not in a hurry at all.

david dadisman (north carolina,usa): I just wanted to ask how is your family? and do they tour with you?or miss you terribly while you are gone?

Jukka: Expecially now that I have kids it's sometimes hard to be away from home for a long time. But I love playing and touring so we all just need to cope with it. My family doesn't tour with me since touring with small kids would be quite difficult, and also my wife is studying, so it would be impossible for her to leave for a tour. But I guess we have all got used to the fact that because of my "work" I'm quite often away for a long time, and whenever we get to be together we take everything out of it.

Danilo de Oliveira Santos (Brazil): Jukka...what are your expectations for the new nightwish?

Jukka: I'm extremely confident for the future. I already know we're going to make the best Nightwish album ever. Of course we still need to find a new singer but since there has already been a few great demos I'm sure we'll find her and also vocals will be awesome. And nowadays planning future is so much easier and we don't need to argue over all the little stupid things so I'm happy.

Anastasia (Russia): Dear Jukka, To my mind NW is a great part of your life but one day it will come to an end the whole story will be over so what will you do with the emptiness in your soul?

Jukka: Impossible to say. It will be a hard day and I'm quite sure it will take a long time to really understand the fact that Nightwish will never be playing together again. I hope that day won't come in the near future and I still have many years to come with Nightwish.

Antisankari (Lost): How much is the style of Nightwish's music going to change on next album? When are you starting to make it?

Jukka: Two weeks ago I got a first demo from 15 new songs. We'll start to rehearse and arrange them in June. A new demo will be recorded in July and recordings of the actual album will start in September. All the studios for the recordings have already been booked, also the orchestra, so we're already quite far in the process of making a new album. It's a bit early to say anything certain regarding the style of the new music but it seems that there's not going to be any big changes. Of course there always needs to be some little new things to keep it interesting but the "direction" we found already on Once seems to be still there.

Hanna (Rovaniemi): Where did the nickname Julius come from?

Jukka: During our Once tour, Ewo came up with this nickname "Julius Monte-Carlo" (don't ask me where it comes from...). When we where playing in LA I fell totally in love with Venice Beach and the nickname was changed to "Julius Venice Beach". Later on, the nickname was abbreviated to just Julius. Where do nicknames come from? God knows. Or maybe not even him.

Sufletel Rada (Romania): How would you like the new singer of Nightwish to be?

Jukka: It would be great to find a singer who has natural sounding voice but who still would be able to nail all the high notes. By natural sounding voice I mean that in her voice there wouldn't be a recognizeable mark of a classical training. This is quite a challenge but you can always hope.

Talia (London): I have asked this before, but will you ever carry your wife in the wife carrying championships? =)

Jukka: =) I've watched the competition on tv a few times but I'm quite sure I will never participate in it. It seems like a great fun but... =)

Jonas Carvalho de Santana (Brazil): I and a group of friends wanna know about Sethian. While you are in vacation of Nightwish, do you intend make any work with Sethian?

Jukka: There were some talks about making a new Sethian album while Nightwish is on a break but for last few months I haven't heard anything about it so I guess it's not going to happen. We start to rehearse and arrange new Nightwish songs already in a June so we're running out of time...

Pascal (Belgium): Was there a special reason why you sold the drumset that you used for almost five years? Because this is truely a long time and I guess after such long time, the instrument has become like a constant companion to the musician.

Jukka: The reason for selling my old drumset was that I wanted to get a new set in a different color since I had been using the same set since Wishmaster. And also I got an endorsement from Tama which also helped in making the decision to renew my equipment. For a short time I thought I should't sell the set since it has been a big part of my life for last 4-5 years but then again it's just drums. No need to be too emotional.

Frankie (London): Do you ever wear ear plugs while performing? Playing the drums must give you a nasty headache!

Jukka: I always have in-ears while playing drums. A few times I've played without ear plugs at home and the feeling afterwards hasn't been nice. As far as I know I still have a good hearing and I really do want to keep it that way.

Celine (Salo): What name did you give to your son?

Jukka: My son was baptized to Niki Aleksanteri.

Anni (Helsinki): Jukka, how is your little son doing?

Jukka: Niki is doing really fine. He is probably the easiest kid on earth. Just eating, sleeping and laughing. He just got his first tooth and is learning to crawl. So all fine in home-frontier.

wildchild ():

Jukka: What did you answer to Luna when she asked whether your house is inside or outside? =)

Jukka: I asked her to ask grandpa. Grandpa always knows everything about everything so it's easy to forward all the tricky questions to him.

Elenya (Askola): Have you ever put your tongue on cold metal so that it got stuck?

Jukka: I guess everybody have so I don't make an exception. I've done it many times but the worst event was when I decided to lick a "carpetstand" outside our appartment in a middle of winter in the age of 10 or 11. And I really mean LICK!!! As big part of my tongue as in general is possible got caught in a stand. I had no choice but to tear it off and you propably can't even imagine how much I was bleeding. When I checked the stand later on there was a whole figure of my tongue. But we're learning by doing, are we...

Jordan Toms (Deutschland - Oberkirch - Nussbach): Many metal bands have got drum solos on their DVDs. So why haven't you got one?

Jukka: In my opinion separate solos of ANY instrument are waste of a valuable concert time. There are only a very few drummers in the whole world who can do solos interesting enough to justify their use. And since I'm not one of those drummers I am never ever going to play one.

Nightwish Italian Fan Club (Italy): Dear Jukka
This is a collection of questions coming from the members of the Italian Nightwish Fan Club. We have prepared a single list to avoid double questions… and hopefully to ease your answering job ;)

1. Could you please tell us how your passion for heavy metal is born? (by Miriam)
2. Why did you choose to play drums? (by Miriam)
3. Can you tell us something about your tour life? Do you like being on the road? (by Miriam)
4. Have you already listened to the material for the new album? Could you tell us something? (by DarkGape)
5. What do you expect from the new album now that Tarja isn’t in the band anymore? (by DarkGape)
6. Which is your favourite Nightwish Album? (by Silvia)
7. Why do you call yourself Julius? (by Federico)
8. Next year I’m going to visit Finland. Where do you think I should go? What’s worth to visit? (by Diego)
9. Is it difficult to be a father and to be months away from home? (by Giuliana)
10. Were you friend with Tarja? what about her relations with the band (you and the other guys)..was she a friend or more like a co-worker? (by Giuliana)
11. Which is the song you prefer to play live? (by Martina)
12. Which was your job before becoming a musician? When did you realize that Nightwish had become your work? (by Riccardo)
13. If you didn’t play drums which instrument would you play? (by Davide)
14. What do you think about groupies? (by Alex)
15. What would you do if your children wanted to do the same job as you? Would you encourage them? (by Valentina)

Thanks for your patience! Stay Heavy :D

Jukka: 1. I guess it was Metallica's "...And Justice For All" -album that really got me into metal. My sister used to have it as a double vinyl and I played it over and over again. I just loved it and still do.
2. Actually I didn't choose it. It was our teacher who talked me into playing drums. I was in 4th or 5th grade and there was for the first time starting a percussion lessons in local music school. My teacher told me that drums might be a perfect instrument for me so I went in a test to get in. I got in and that's how everything started.
3. I love being on tour. Of course now that I have small kids at home it's always harder leaving on tour but since I love touring and playing live we just need to cope with it. I basically hate recording in studios because everything needs to be perfect. It's just too stressful enviroment for me. On live everything is so much more relaxed and I can just enjoy. And besides getting to play live I also love meeting new people and visiting new countries.
4. Find the answer in another question.
5. Also answered in another question.
6. It's still Once. Of course this is something every musician needs to say, that our last album is definately our best but I really think so. And next one will of course be even better...
7. Find the answer in another question.
8. You definately need to see something outside Helsinki. Check some countryside and find a "real" Finland.
9. Sometimes it really is. I need to give a great credit for my wife for being so understanding. Whenever I'm back at home I try to pay it back to my family. And with Niki it's great that I'll get a chance to be at home until he's 1,5-2 years and to see him growing and learning all the new things
10. I consider us being friends with her until something happened. During last year or two we just stoped talking and being in a same places at the same time (except on stage). So we basically didn't do anything together anymore except played the shows.
11. In the end of Once-tour it was Ghost Love Score.
12. I haven't had any permanent job before Nightwish. I just had a few summer jobs of month or two. I guess it was sometime on Wishmaster -tour that I realized I'm getting my living from Nightwish and I don't need to borrow money from my parents or whoever to get everything paid.
13. I can't imagine myself playing anything but drums so if I wouldn't be playing drums I guess I wouldn't be playing anything.
14. Are there any...???
15. Yes I would. I definately will encourage my children to go on with their dreams no matter what they will be. I really can't understand parents who try to get their children to fulfil their own failed dreams. That is just so wrong but unfortunately quite common...

Asia (Poland): Jukka, why aren't smilling on any photo? Have you got a bad smile? I'm kidding, of course. So, why?

Jukka: I don't know. I just don't find it funny at all posing on photos... No, just kidding as well. I just like it better when photos don't look like the object is advertising some toothpaste.

David Pedersen (Denmark): I have always wondered if you wore your famous bandana at your wedding.

Jukka: =) I wanted to but my wife (and some traitors around me) got me persuaded. But as a little mans little protest bandana was still in my chest pocket for everybody to see.

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